Best Realistic Voice Over Generator Speechelo Review 2022

Best Realistic Voice Over Generator Speechelo Review 2022

If you are searching to take a look at Voice Over Generator Speechelo review, then you probably are a video creator of some kind making videos for your blog or YouTube Channel.  Videos are considered to be an effective way to communicate with others & have become insanely popular in recent years. However, if you produce videos but don’t like your own voice or maybe you don’t speak the language properly that you’d like to communicate with your audience, then Speechelo might be your best friend.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a AI text to speech software that allows a very smooth voiceover for your projects that is the most realistic voice generator of its type. Artificial Intelligence is an innovative way that has been developed over many decades and constantly improving with time. We do understand that there are so many of text to speech software out there in the market with a lot of different reviews.  However, Speechelo is considered to be one of the best realistic text to voice generator.

Think about it, if you have created a nice video that needs a nice human sounding voiceover but don’t have the means to speak the language of your audience properly, then your audience won’t like it and not listen to what you really want to convey to your audience . Your voice is a key part of the your videos.  Most of the Videos are used to tell stories.  People love stories!  Right? However, if you get nervous sometimes, when you are doing a voiceover for your videos. 

Perhaps your English isn’t the best, then it can be very intimidating.  Speechelo offers a worry free solution for just this type of video creator. While there are many reasons most of people seek out a text to voice software, you need to be sure that you find one that is simple but also offers realistic human sounding voices.

People tend to lose interest in a video if the voiceover is very robotic sounding like with no emphasis on anything.  The voice cannot be monotone and boring either-otherwise people will drop off and won’t  watch the entire video. You definitely want to offer videos that are more insightful and helpful to your intended audience.  Speechelo text to speech AI Software offers features that offers you the liberty to adjust the tone, where to emphasize your words and so much more.

Who would use Voice Over Generator Speechelo?

If you are not feeling fully confident or just don’t like your voice, then you must check out Speechelo.  Speechelo offers an automated voice-over solution that sounds very similar to an actual human’s voice.  It will take out that thick accent and hide the fact that you have a stutter. 

With Speechelo you can certainly create beautiful video masterpieces with a voiceover with ease. Perhaps, you might not be interested in making English videos.  Well, you are in luck that Speechelo will actually can do a voiceover in many different languages.  Having the option to choose from more than  30 different voices including male and female options as well.

You can also check the tone you’d like for your videos from normal, to friendly and even serious.  Be sure that you put your text in the right punctuation to assist the AI(Artificial Intelligence)  in emphasizing various parts of your video.  Of course, this will take a little bit of practice, but it is super simple to work.  There are literally a few clicks needed and pretty self-explanatory.


What are the languages that are used with Speechelo?

Some languages that are being offered by Speechelo are Welsh, German, French, English, Dutch, Danish, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Icelandic, Mandarin, and Arabic. This means that you could easily make your videos for other regions of the world.

Making your videos to more countries means that you can reach out to a larger audience.  Many people prefer to watch videos in their native languages, but you don’t know their native language, then just use an online Google translator, and put that text into Speechelo & wait for the magic to happen,

So, how does Voice Over Generator Speechelo work? 

Well, obviously Speechelo text to speech software is packed with automated intelligence.  All you need to do is pick one of your videos, just type in the box what you want it to say, and choose your options for the voice. 

It will quickly generate a voiceover that sounds pretty realistic human voice. There are up to 30 options with the Speechelo standard license and up to 60 options if you go to the next level and get the Speechelo Pro version.

Speechelo includes the option to choose to breathe and take a break to allow the software to sound more realistic.  This pausing is another unique feature that makes Speechelo a great option for video creators. While you have 30 different voices option, you also have a lot of other custom options to choose from.

You can put emphasis on certain words within your video script and adjust the volume and speed at which the script needed to be delivered.  This further adds to the realistic sound of the voices ensuring that your intended audience is kept intrigued and it is less robotic-like.

How long of voice over can I do?

Speechelo can easily create a voiceover for up to 700 characters. This allows you to have a nice length of voice over that will get your point across.  However, it does limit the length that it can do text to voice.  In case you need longer versions of video then you might want to look into the Speechelo pro version, which is the next step in their sales funnel.

This allows you up to 4 times that amount. To make longer videos, you could also break your videos with transitions, which will allow you to put one video clip next to another to make the video the desired length and let Speechelo do the text to speech for your video. Of course, this would require you to have a bit of knowledge of video editing.

The best part of Speechelo is that you don’t need be an expert in video editing. In fact, it really is far easier to use than many creators think.  While you need little knowledge of general editing, the software does most things for you with ease. Should you not have to edit out long pauses in your script or something that would distract your intended audience, you might be able to add the voice over and have a completed video ready to use.

Speechelo is Web Based:

Speechelo is the next level of text to voice software.  This software was designed by the Blastersuit company.  As there is no need to download & install the software,it can be used on a wide variety of internet based devices.

This also allows your team members to easily sign in remotely and work on your videos/projects, or if you hire a VA or assistant. Having your software virtually stored & accessible means that you can use this even your phone & don’t need a large expensive computer.

This also means that you can easily use it with Apple, PC, or Android being a web-based platform. However, being web-based platform means that you need a working internet/Wi-Fi to work within Speechelo. 

If you want to access this platform on your phone service; however, you should certainly check the data charges & cost associated. Let’s talk about its fancy interface.  While the platform interface is great to look at, it is super simple to use.

In fact, there is little to learn about it.  Simply poking around inside the Speechelo software will allow you to see firsthand what all it can do for you. You will come across a box where you can type or copy and paste script text, then choose a voice option along with some other features such as how you’d like the voice to be presented.  Then just hit the render button and see the magic happens.

The whole process doesn’t seem to take very long either from start point to finish. Once your video is completed you can easily download it and post your videos to the platform of your choice.  This works perfectly on any platform as the voiceover is an integral part of your video file.

This means that your video can be posted on Vimeo, YouTube, and more.  Just Post it to various platforms for more reach & exposure.  You can even have the subtitles/content written in another language and have a voiceover in other languages on the same video.

What is Speechelo Price?

While Speechelo is an amazing platform and can open the doors for so many video creators that have a shy voice. Given the features Speechelo comes with you might think its cost will overwhelmingly high.  However, you will be surprised to know that it is not expensive at all, and actually quite affordable. 

Another great catch about the cost of Speechelo that it charges only one-time fee and that’s it.  You don’t have to worry about monthly/yearly recurring fees or additional cost down the road. While Speechelo is itself amazing there are some upsells that we thought were worth mentioning here as well. 

If you are serious about making videos, then you might want to pay attention to what the other offers you can explore.  As these upsell are great as well and add additional features to your Speechelo Software.

Let’s take a look at a list of pros and cons with Speechelo:


  • Having proper non robotic speech will help your viewers to stay connected and really get involved into what you intend to say.
  • You have up to 30 different voices options to choose from.
  • You can choose from male or female or kid voices.
  • Insert breathes and pauses wherever you need to make speech more realistic.
  • Insert emphasis on various words within the script.
  • You can rely on a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
  • You will have better conversion rates for your videos as people would like to listen to what your video is about conveying your message.
  • Longer view times when people tend to stick around to watch your video.
  • Easy to use, consists of mere three buttons to click to launch your video.
  • Easy to impresses your viewers with voiceover quality.
  • Allows you to make your videos in various languages with an ease.


  • It has limit on the size of video that you can make a voiceover for. You will need to ensure that you upgrade to the Pro version in case you want to produce longer videos.

Want To Learn About Speechelo Pro?

Speechelo Pro comes with double the voices options to choose from.  Instead of the standard 30 voices, you will get 60 in total to choose from. While Speechelo Standard offers you to add up to 700 characters of text to speech script. Speechelo Pro offers you up to 4x of that length, which means you can create longer videos. 

Longer videos give you more view/watch time and allow you to really complete any length of video you could come up with. Speechelo Pro also comes with exceptional music backgrounds.  That’s right, sometimes having some sort of soft/melodious music in the background while you are filming makes your videos more attractive & noticable.

The more attractive your video, the more likely your audiences are going to watch it.  The more that watch time , the better, which is why you are always striving for better quality videos. This might be the best feature about Speechelo Pro is that it comes with a commercial license. 

This means that you can resell voice overs as a service provider to any other business. Any voice overs you do for other businesses, you can sell it for a profit.  This can be a nice voiceover service to offer on some of those freelancing sites like Fiverr and get yourself another handy income stream.

How to use Speechelo Pro?

Because Speechelo wants to see their clients happier with their Speechelo Pro version, they offers you an eBook that explains the best way to offer these freelancing voiceover services and market them to generate more income sources.

While video creating is what you are passionate about, you can assist other fellow creators with their video voiceovers and earn some extra cash that way as well. While Speechelo Pro is itself very impressive, leave some worry behind about the cost.

The cost is very much affordable as well.  You’ll be happy & surprised to hear that it is not a monthly fee either, but a fee that is the same cost as Speechelo standard but charged X 3 times.  You can cancel this at any time whenever you need.

To get Speechelo Pro license you will have to purchase the original version of Speechelo Software. Obviously Speechelo Pro is not for everyone cup of tea..  If you are not interested in making loads of amazing videos with voiceover or growing your business, then Speechelo Pro is probably not right fit for you.

What is Speechelo Tube?

The next upsell that comes along with is Speechelo Tube, which is pretty unique.  It can take a YouTube link and do a brand-new voiceover of your choice for that video in the link with the various Speechelo voices. 

This is a wonderful way to translate your existing videos into the various languages videos offered inside Speechelo. This allows you to make a YouTube video in any language of your choice and can easily translate it into another language for you.

This feature will allow you to take your business to other markets worldwide, even if you don’t know the language.  Speechelo Tube does all the translating work for you! Speechelo Tube could charge a monthly recurring fee.  After all, it will expand your audience reach possibilities by 1000s of viewers.  However, it too is only a one-time payment that is also very affordable.

Frequently asked Questions & Answers:

Can I use Speechelo for YouTube?

Yes, You can certainly use Speechelo for YouTube videos. You can easily generate voice over for your YouTube videos in just 3 clicks without worrying about your own voice or language barriers.

What text-to-speech app do YouTubers use?

Speechelo can easily converts any text into speech with a 100 % natural and realistic human-sounding voice in just 3 clicks. We definitely recommend it to YouTubers; moreover, it is suitable for all creators, who want to use it even for commercial purposes.

How much is Speechelo Price?

Speechelo price is $47, one time fee for a standard version. If you want to access more features then you can easily upgrade to Speechelo Pro version for more unique features.

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