Six Attributes That Are At The Core of DSLR Cameras

Six Attributes That Are At The Core of DSLR Cameras

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Six Attributes That Are At The Core of DSLR Cameras

A digital single-lens reflex camera, better known as a DSLR, can redefine the way you freeze moments and carry them forward for eternity. Amalgamating the optics as well as the components of a single-lens reflex camera with that of a digital imaging sensor, it takes the entire level of photography to a new high and adds richness to the captured images. Despite carrying an asking price that is a tad heavier than its simpler counterparts, owning a DSLR unit is a dream that many harbour and a gadget that they love to use. It is quite popular not only because it takes stunning images but because it is capable of capturing images that are closest to the ones seen through the best lens in the world, the eye lens. Read on to find out six common features that lend distinction to the league of DSLRs.

1. Interchangeable lenses– This feature ensures the user enjoys the freedom to choose and set a lens of his choice that is in consonance with his photographic need.

2. Mode dial- This feature helps gain access to basic camera/ automatic scene-mode settings and allows the user customise and adjust the settings while taking an image.

3. HD video capture- This feature lets the user use a movie mode that can record HD or high definition motion video.

4. Live preview- This feature lets the user view the optical viewfinder’s image (that is quite indicative of the ultimate image) on the LCD display of the camera.

5. Dust reduction systems- Incorporating a dust cover filter, this feature (positioned behind the lens mount) prohibits dust particles from making their way into the chamber.

6. Bigger sensor sizes- This feature makes the camera produce higher resolution images and the user have access to better image quality.

Coming to think about it, DSLR cameras are way different from the breed of the traditional digicams or ‘point and shoot’ cameras. Unlike the latter, the scene shown in the viewfinder is similar to what comes through the primary lens and is highly indicative of the final image. Therefore, it is preferred by photographers who intend to take accurate and visually stimulating images. And when it is about cameras and the much coveted DSLRs, how can we go ahead without taking into account Canon cameras, Canon DSLR cameras to be more precise? Not mentioning one of the most trusted camera brands in the world is equivalent to committing blasphemy, many would be found saying.

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